Our Services

The times of our church services are below. 

Please note that the Kirk Session has taken the decision to change the time of the Sabbath evening service to 6.00pm.

Scroll down for information about what to expect if you are able to join us at one of our services.

You are always most welcome to attend our services at any time.

What to Expect

The form of worship practised in the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland is governed by the Regulative Principle*.

Each service is structured as follows:

Singing of Praise (from the Metrical Psalms)


Reading of Scripture passage

Singing of Praise

Preaching of Sermon from selected text of Scripture


Singing of Praise


* The Regulative Principle, as it applies to public worship, states that only those elements (of worship) that are instituted or appointed by command or example, or which can be deduced by good and necessary consequence from Scripture, are permissible in worship; and that whatever is not commanded or cannot be deduced by good and necessary consequence from Scripture is prohibited.